Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What you may or may not know about the e-liquid?

It is very interesting that even though this fashion of “healthy smoking” is rather new, there are already several types of e-liquids that can be used with an e-cig model. For example, depending on the model of e-cig you have, you may be using single-use cartridges or little bottles where the liquid is stored.
If you are using cartridges, then at the purchase of an e-liquid you would normally get five cartridges out of which one is filled with a random flavor of e-liquid. There are electronic cigarette models in which the liquid is introduced directly into the atomizer.

People claim that the benefits outcome the risks, but no matter the general belief, you need to inform on the risks.

The most important benefit would be that you are going to smoke in a healthier way. Because nothing is burned, you will inhale less dangerous substances. The next best thing is that you will be allowed to smoke in closed spaces, in non-smokers rooms or restaurants, or practically whenever or wherever you are. A third advantage is that, because nothing burns, no ashes remain. 

Thus, you will not have to worry that you could burn your clothes or that the ugly smell of smoke will stick to your hair, clothes, breath, or hands.

Because it is a new product, the risks or health effects of smoking e-liquid are yet unknown, but because of the great freedom of manufacturers to use a large palette of ingredients, the chances are that the e-liquid does not always contain what it says on the label. In order to be sure that you are smoking what you are told, only buy trusted brands of e-liquids. Make sure to buy electornic cigarettes accessories from professional manufacturers only. 

E-liquid bottle in number of cigarettes

There are two main measurements of e-liquid nicotine, divided into US and non-US.  The US eLiquid carries the following measurements: High – 24mg nicotine, Medium – 16-18mg nicotine, Low – 6 mg nicotine and Zero – 0mg nicotine. The Imported eLiquid carries a similar measurementse but it may varry a little.

It is said that a bottle of e-liquid should normally last for about a week. This means that during a week you will be smoking the equivalent of 300 cigarettes of different nicotine levels.

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