Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips and facts about the e-liquid

What is the e-liquid?

As the name suggests, the e-liquid is a type of solution which is introduced into an electronic cigarette and then used as a nicotine replacement. It is not electronic in the sense that you plug the liquid in (obviously), but it is electronic in the sense that it accompanies the electronic cigarette (which you do plug in in order for it to charge).

Why was the e-liquid invented?

Just as the electronic cigarette, it was designed and invented by scientists as an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. People are becoming increasingly aware of the harm done by intensive tobacco smoking, among which skin, neck and lung cancer are the most dangerous. Therefore, they started looking for other ways in which they can satisfy their need for nicotine and pleasure of smoking.

What users need to keep in mind is that, while anyone can smoke e-cigarettes, they are aimed at current smokers who want to give up smoking and have failed trying other methods. It is also a healthier alternative to traditional smoking – therefore people are not necessarily giving up smoking, they are smoking but the e-liquid allows them to eliminate all the harmful substances from traditional tobacco.

The period needed to give up smoking using this method is undetermined yet, but it all depends on the ambition of the smoker. The only tip scientists, former smokers who have given up smoking by using e-cigs, and manufacturers can give is to stick to your e-cig whenever you feel the need of smoking.

What are the ingredients that are to be found in the e-liquid?

Because there are no strict rules and laws regarding the manufacturing and merchandising of these products, each producer can vary the ingredients of his brand. However, in the majority of cases the e-liquid contains water, PG (or Propylene Glycol) and a certain amount of nicotine. The PG is generally used in many industries, starting from that of skin care – including shampoos, soaps and lotions –, in the food industry as a food additive and in tobacco cigarettes. It is thus an ingredient which does not pose any immediate threat to the health of an e-cig smoker.

Apart from these traditional substances, the e-liquid can also contain citric acid, vegetable glycerine,  distilled water, vinegar or lemon. To these are added the natural or artificial flavours and voila! You have the liquid ready.

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